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The construction industry is driven by time-sensitive concerns.  A delay at any stage of a project can create high-stakes disputes, and resolving such disputes in a practical and timely manner is key in an industry where delays can be costly.  In addition, businesses in the construction industry face distinct challenges that require attorneys with experience in the negotiation, litigation, and resolution of often complex construction claim and defect disputes which may involve multiple parties, multiple claims, and multiple counter- and cross-claims. 
We have a long history of successful construction-related representation, honed by over a decade’s work representing engineers, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers on Boston’s $24.3 billion Central Artery/Tunnel Project, better known as “the Big Dig.”  We have significant experience in representing clients in substantial engineering and construction projects, like the Big Dig, including, but not limited to, tunnels, bridges, courthouses, airports, schools and universities, with extensive experience litigating construction defect cases involving concrete failure, foundation failure, parking lot failure, defective retaining walls, and defective roofing and roof systems, as well as architectural and engineering malpractice.  We also represent owners, developers, landlords, and commercial and residential tenants, including, condominium boards, in construction-related disputes.  


We have built an impressive track record in successfully resolving clients’ issues relating to:  

- Change orders


- Changed site conditions


- Contract interpretation


- Contract termination


- Defective or negligent workmanship


- Delay claims


- Design liability


- Insurance coverage


- Liquidated damages


- Rejection of non-conforming work


- Warranty issues


With over 30 years of combined experience handling construction-related claims, we have the depth and breadth of knowledge that allows us to be aggressive but deliberate -- all with an eye toward containing costs and effecting a timely resolution of the dispute.   Our attorneys have substantial experience in jury trials, bench trials, and all forms of alternative dispute resolution methods, and an exceptional track record of success in all manner of construction-related litigation.  While expeditious resolution is always our goal, we are well prepared to achieve our clients’ goals at trial if necessary. 

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