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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, including arbitration, mediation, mini-trials, and summary jury trials, often provide the most efficient and effective means of resolving controversies.  Most cases settle before going to trial, and ADR is now recognized as a valuable tool to assist parties in reaching settlements which are in their best interests.  Many businesses now routinely include ADR clauses in their contracts.  In addition, an alternative to trial may be advisable in a broad spectrum of civil disputes, including many commercial disputes, construction disputes, intellectual property, and professional liability disputes, where sensitive or otherwise confidential information is of particular concern.  ADR provides a viable option for litigants who prefer to avoid the courtroom, and has a number of advantages including:


- Efficient, time-saving resolution of disputes

- Increased confidentiality and privacy

- Cost efficiency

- Binding resolution with arbitration

We are not only skilled courtroom practitioners but also well-versed and experienced practitioners in alternative methods of resolving disputes.  Our experience in complex commercial litigation allows us to advise clients on whether a trial or alternative form of resolution is more beneficial, and we are particularly skilled at recognizing which cases merit litigation and which are more suitable for ADR.  Our mission is always to seek the best outcome for our clients using the most efficient and cost-effective methods, and a settlement reached through ADR often offers the optimum opportunity to achieve that goal.

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